Dia De Los Muertos at SPARC 2013!

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Beyond the Mexican Mural Community Mural Presentations

Presentations Digital Mural Lab Fall 2013 BMM by Slidely – Slideshow maker

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[citem title=”David Velazquez (Chican@ Studies Major)” id=”citem_90″ parent=”collapse_76″]

David Velazquez presentation by farhadsparc

[citem title=”Chris Cerda (Art Major)” id=”citem_91″ parent=”collapse_76″]

Chris Cerda Presentation by farhadsparc

[citem title=”Noe Lopez (World Arts and Cultures Major)” id=”citem_92″ parent=”collapse_76″]

Noe L Presentation by farhadsparc

[citem title=”Miranda Rivera (Art History Major)” id=”citem_93″ parent=”collapse_76″]

Miranda Rivera presentation by farhadsparc

[citem title=”Mildred Morales (Sociology Major)” id=”citem_94″ parent=”collapse_76″]

Mildred Morales by farhadsparc

[citem title=”Jennifer Liu (Gender Studies Major)” id=”citem_95″ parent=”collapse_76″]

Jennifer Liu Presentation by farhadsparc

[citem title=”Greta Fuentes (World Arts and Cultures Major)” id=”citem_96″ parent=”collapse_76″][/citem]
[citem title=”Adrian Alfaro (Art Major)” id=”citem_97″ parent=”collapse_76″][/citem]
[citem title=”Jocelyn Pineda (History Major)” id=”citem_98″ parent=”collapse_76″][/citem]

Beyond the Mexican Mural Fall 2013 Has Begun!

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