Status Archive

About the Status Archive

A few years ago my partner and I undertook the burdensome process of documenting our marriage for my adjustment of legal status application. As we navigated through the immigration process we were left with an archive filled with legal documents, joint contracts and evidence substantiating our relationship. As we shared our story with other couples, who experienced a similar process , we were struck by the difficulties and anxieties in gathering the extensive evidence, obtaining legal counsel, and in the deeply intimate experiences of having to substantiate our marriages, our love. As couples we look to each other for support, and wish we had known about a support network to guide us through the process. In that spirit, we hope this archive is helpful for couples processing through their past or current applications and for future status adjusters and their partners, may you find some comfort and guidance in our status archive.

Please note that I am sharing my own experience with the adjustment of status process. While I aim to provide the most accurate information, this site and information provided does not constitute legal advice.

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